SLOWHAND PROJECT® was created in 2015 by two founding members Stanislav (Stanley) Menkyna and Miroslav ( Miro) Zahradník.

As both members have been strongly influenced by international blues and blues rock scene it´s repertoire contains predominantly the work of such artists as Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Beatles, Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin and other world greats.

“Main focus is based on recreation of authentic atmosphere, band´s own unique sound and high quality interpretation of selection of iconic world songs maintaing high level of vocal and instrumental level of delivery and performance.”

The aim is not to copy these songs to each and every detail but to recreate their spirit, their laid back atmosphere and relay the energy which they offer.
Blues and pop rock anthems as Wonderful Tonight, Layla, Cocaine, Old Love, Isn´t It A Pity, While My Guitar Gently Weeps or Bad Love create a core foundation of a solid playlist which keeps on extending and with more frequent preformances offers a promise of a rewarding musical experience. In 2018 the formation has been joined by the rest of current members: bass player Mario Polonyi and drummer Julius Petrus.

Our sound is a combination of 6 or 12 string acoustic guitars ( Martin 000-28M EC, Martin OMC-15E, Furch D23-CR12 ) with vocals and electric guitar (Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster, Fender Highway One Custom Telecaster, Crafter CT 125 Nylon) which offers clarity of distinctive and memorable sound.

Come and taste our music – we have a pleasant surprise for you …..