Vocals and Guitar

Ing. Stanislav Menkyna – guitarist, vocalist, music lover (born in 1955 in Michalovce, Slovak Republic). He started attending studies of classical guitar at Music Academy for children in Bratislava in period 1965-1970. There he developed his talent with the help of his teachers first.

Classical guitar gave me a solid musical foundation for future development.

He started singing around the same time. It was at that time that he started playing in various formations most frequently duos.

I was blessed to be raised in the sixties and to be growing up in the seventies fully realizing what was happening on international and domestic music scene.

He was strongly influenced by Beatles, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep, Free and others. In period 1984 – 2003 his career led him to London where he had been working and residing all this time. Although the artistic partof his life had to be put on a back burner for a while due to his top executive positions, his favourite music has always stayed at the forefront in his life.

“I was still playing and singing – however not on a regular basis and not as often as I would have wished to. Nevertheless, over the period of time I was privileged to attend endlessly numerous concerts and venues and absorb this unique musical atmosphere of London and other British cities which would stay with me forever.”
After the repatriation to Slovakia he joined the local musical scene and played in various formations which culminated in co-founding SLOWHAND PROJECT in 2015.