1. Bad Love, Eric Clapton . Mick Jones, 6:17

2. Badge, Eric Clapton . George Harrison, 6:08

3. Cocaine, J. J. Cale, 4:26

4. Old Love, Eric Clapton . Robert Cray, 7:00

5. Forever Man, Jerry Lynn Williams, 4:53

6. I Shot The Sheriff, Bob Marley, 7:47

7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, George Harrison, 5:19

8. White Room, Jack Bruce . Pete Brown, 6:44

9. Before You Accuse Me, Ellas Mc Daniel  a k a  Bo Diddley, 4:07

10. Isn’t It A Pity, George Harrison, 7:32

11. Layla, Eric Clapton . Jim Gordon, 7:19

“The album is a great package, congrats all round. If you were all in the UK, you could make a reasonable living on the tribute band circuit!”

Chris Parkins

Promoter, London Prog Gigs


I have played the album a few times and I started off making notes on each song, only to find my comments were virtually the same for each. So, I’ve decided to provide on overall feedback – bearing in mind the intricate detail and nuances are beyond my musical capabilities. Importantly, I really do like the album and for me Badge and Layla are my favourites as shining beacons reflecting the overall quality.

I wonder what Mr Clapton thinks? I’ve deliberately not compared your rendition against others. In other words I have taken your music and songs at face value.

Overall you, your band, and those who contributed to the process should be congratulated for such a wonderful piece of work, for which you must be so proud.

It look a long time in the making, but that meticulous input has been worth the effort. It’s up there with the best. My overall take – Each song is so well balanced, beautifully played and sung. Yes, I would buy this album! Your singing and harmony is spot on, as are the musicians. Miro is an astonishingly accomplished lead guitarist. I do like the way the keyboards have contributed to the result and the supporting musicians too. The songs are so professionally performed, recorded and mixed. My ears can’t fault them. I am so impressed with what you have achieved, through difficulties along the road. You selected the songs you wanted to play, and the quality reflects your band’s passionIn many ways I’m lost for words – utterly professional and enjoyable. Carry on climbing …

Kindest regards

Nick Hutton

Hon FIDM, Nick Hutton Business Solutions