It was during my study at the Secondary Grammar School in Levice, when I held a bass guitar in my hands for the first time in our first school band called Hoblíky (Planes) founded in 1990. At that time, we changed the name of our band with almost the same players first to Detroit and then to Labyrinth. All these projects ended after my departure for my university studies.

During my studies at the University of Economy in Bratislava I played in a hip-hop formation called Obscure E.T. for a short time (circa in 1995).

My playing in bands was revived back in 2001, when I started to play in a hard rock band Mobydick from Bratislava and, at the same time, in a punk rock band Mary Jane from Tlmače. I was a member of these bands until circa 2007. In this period, I also passed two cycles of a bass guitar study at the M. Ruppeldt Elementary School of Art under the coaching of a double bass player E. Vizvári.

Since 2011, I’ve been playing in a flamenco band Ponte Pardo from Bratislava and I played in a progressive project of Maťo Mikloš called Sisterhood of Klangpedal between 2016 and 2018. The latter band still exists but currently has been hibernating. I further studied jazz bass guitar at Jan Albrecht Music and Art Academy in Banská Štiavnica between 2013 and 2016 under the coaching of a jazz composer and bass guitar player Viktor Hárs from Hungary. I have earned the bachelor title there.

I joined SLOWHAND PROJECT at the beginning of 2018.